Both Obama and Republican Budget Proposals Hurt the Poor and Working Class

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Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have launched a mean-spirited, draconian campaign to slash up to $100 billion from the current federal budget. The cuts would come almost entirely from social programs – the ones which tend to be most beneficial to minorities and the poor.
On the chopping block are proposed cuts in community health care services, housing assistance, job training, Pell grants for low-income college students, environmental protection and community development block grants. Meanwhile, the Republicans do not want to take a single dime away from the military and the unnecessary U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
How is President Obama responding to this assault on programs which benefit the poor and the working classes? Well, Monday the administration released an outline of its 2012 budget proposals and low and behold, it wants to cut social program, too.
Obama would include the military in his proposed cuts as well as increase the taxes paid by the wealthy. Nevertheless, the bulk of his proposed “savings” would also come from social programs which are currently keeping millions of Americans from falling into destitute poverty.
What is going on here? A liberal Obama appears to be adopting conservative economic policies which harm the lower classes while benefitting the rich. The progressive approach to conquering the record federal budget deficit (projected to surge to $1.65 trillion this year) seems to have been completely removed from consideration.
The progressive approach to battling the deficit essentially involves instituting economic policies whose primary focus is to create jobs. The underlying theory is that if millions of new jobs are created, there will soon be millions of new people paying taxes and overtime that new tax money will significantly reduce or possibly eliminate the deficit.
But there is virtually no realistic talk of job-creation economic policy in Washington, D.C. today. Conservative economic theory of reduce the size of government by slashing the money spent on social programs appears to have won the day.
What the Republicans are proposing to a great degree and what Obama is proposing to a lesser degree would both hurt the poor and the struggling working classes. This slash and burn doctrine is incredibly short-sighted.
The nation needs constructive jobs-based economic policy. If the business community will not create the jobs, Obama needs to become a Franklin D. Roosevelt and institute a wide range of government sponsored jobs programs. Despite revisionist historical lies to the contrary, it was Roosevelt’s jobs and government spending programs which ultimately pulled this nation out of the Great Depression. It is that type of progressive thinking that is needed now. Obama is harming the nation by essentially adopting stale, pro-rich Republican economic policy
By Robert Taylor


Is the Daughter of a Black Woman and a White Man Black? Halle Berry Says Yes!

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Is the “One Drop Rule” Still in Effect
Oscar-winning African American actress Halle Berry is the product of a white mother and a Black father. She has a young daughter who was conceived as a result of a now dissolved relationship between Berry and white Canadian Gabriel Aubrey. Question: What color is Berry’s daughter?
Well, Berry created somewhat of a media controversy last week when she declared during an interview “My daughter is Black.” Berry explained, “I feel like she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother and I believe in the one-drop theory.”
Berry was making reference to a “rule” that originated during slavery which essentially proclaimed that just one drop of Black blood made one Black. The rule was a social construct with no actual scientific basis. It was promulgated by white plantation owners and was designed to prevent the mixed race children of white plantation owners and Black slave women from claiming freedom or property rights.
Does the one-drop rule still apply? In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau essentially said no when it added the category of “mixed race” to the ethnic designation section of the official Census form. But as a practical matter, if one looks the least bit “Black” or of African ancestry, the vast majority of Americans still consider them Black not mixed race.
What is your view? Does the one-drop rule still apply in so-called post-racial America?
by Taylor Media Services

Research this for your self……(WATCH THIS VIDEO)

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Have You Had Enough Of Poor African American Leadership?

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Three Blind Mice

Poor Black Leaderships is to Blame for the conditions in the Black Community, and those of us who continue to accept it. Our preachers, politicians, social, civic and community leaders serve us up to their masters and we remain silent as they help us commit homicide, suicide and “mentacide” through their non-existing or poor leadership. The first solution to this madness is for African Americans to redefine leadership as “Results Based”. That means we must identify our own problems and needs and demand that those who lead us, whether elected, appointed or annointed provide solutions immediately, within 30-60 Days.

If they don’t or can’t, we must never vote for them, acknowledge them or recognize them as our leaders. My mentor and role model the late William “Bill” Moss exemplified courage in action as a Black Man, and he said in his book “Enough Is Enough”. Enough of the high paid religious, political, nonprofit and social Poverty Pimps in the Black African American Community who refuse to address the needs of the Black Community, even offer solutions. They must be identified, told to change their behavior or made irrelevant.

Our babies are dying, families are homeless, unemployed and suffering while they do nothing but make excuses. The Black Community is in a Depression and we need new and old leadership ready to solve problems, provide innovative solutions, instead of the same old excuses and blame game. If you consider yourself a leader, then lead or get the hell out the way. The mark of insanity in 2011 is to keep the same people as our leaders, doing the same things, with no new ideas or solutions and expecting, hoping, praying that things will get better. You got to be crazy as hell, if that’s your mindset. Eventually, things will get better, after all history tells us that, but how bad can you stand it to get before then. What are you personally willing to sacrifice? For some who are unemployed, lost their home and health insurance, on welfare and food stamps and suffering from depression, things are already too bad.

The second solutions is for people in your town, neighborhood or community to come together at your local mosque, church, library or recreation center to discuss the skills, talents and ideas that you collectively have. The goal should be to create economic opportunities for yourselves within your community. Focus on products and services to the elderly, young, hospitals, transportation and delivery, cleaning services, music, publishing, healthy foods, technology and renewable energy areas. Plan to Collectively Compete!!!!! Pool your resources to established community cooperatives. Move at the speed of business and think creatively and innovatively. Create something by competing collectively. Where there is a Will, there’s A Way, but where there is No Will, there are Excuses and if you really don’t want to do something, any excuse will do. For those tired and want take back control of your community and future, I offer respectfully offer my two cents for your consideration.

C. Earl Campbell,

Something too think about?

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It’s only getting worse. The divide between the black man and the black woman. It is now clear that with time each side is recruiting with more success from the neutral pool into its army of “they aint shit”. The women have their “he aint shit” team and the men their “she aint shit” crew. The hate continues to build up.

But, just when did the black man/woman become what she is, and what caused it? Neither side seems to have the interest in finding out the real cause of the problem. Or is it simply the thinking ability that is too thin to lead the individual to realise that no problem is rootless… How is it that both sides fail to realise that unless the problem is addressed from its gist it will just continue to grow.

Both sides claim to KNOW… perhaps that’s the problem – that we think we know even when we don’t; that we speak too much and think too little. Have we really failed to realise that we are only feeding the beast? What then is the solution? That since the black man/woman aint shit, all black women should get white men and all black men should marry white? Seriously…

We cannot ignore that there is a problem here, but… we are only acting out as vessels – transporting the decay into the next generation. A corrupt man is made by a corrupt woman and a corrupt woman is created by a corrupt man. A man will not know how to love his woman if his mother did not teach him; and a woman without proper fatherhood will be empty. This is the fruit of the absence of positivity in both camps. Who is the problem? Neither, both of them are just end products of the problem, who happen to be simple reactionaries rather than actual thinkers and shapers of their reality.

Our problem is essentially and fundamentally cultural in nature. It is here that we can make a difference. Unless we start pouring our energy into creating a positive culture in the black world by out-rooting negative thought and detaching our society from the love of ignorance, we will remain in this painful circle. We need to reform our ways of thinking, not to attach each other. We must see the veil that hangs between us and unhook it from where it hangs.

The attitude we are creating of going against each other through the divide of gender is only going to keep the black race in the gutter. What future do we expect to carve out for our children with this mentality? It will only further galvanise self-hate into their beings and confine them to a more painful existence than the one that now defines us.

What we need to do is teach our children how self-hate and ignorance of self has destroyed our capacity to relate lovingly towards ourselves and each other. We need to break the chain of ignorance and self-hate that we inherited form our colonised parents and start building a better future – a much noble destiny in which our children will be defined by a culture of positive thought.

Culture. That is the key. Our total composition of thought, speech and action should be transformed through sharing of knowledge and wisdom that is undergirded by our true knowledge of self.

You know there something wrong in a people’s perception of reality when they want to have someone who is shit, and complain because everyone s/he finds is not. Perhaps the actual problem is that we ARE shit. Perhaps we should strive to NOT BE shit.

Black Woman I need you,You need me,and the Children need us…we’ve got to make this work

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I’ve been surfing the web a lot lately and stumbling upon various websites that deal with the relations of black men and women, especially when it comes to intimacy. I see all types of different things said. Some websites argue that black women are the cause of all the misery with the defiant behavior and overbearing personalities. She just does’t know when to be quiet and back down. Others argue that black men are the cause since they step out on their women and refuse to take care of the children they create with these same women. Simply put, black men leave their women with babies and marry white women. Well, I’m here to tell you, both sides have their issues, and until they get resolved, we’re going to continue to raise children in broken and unstable homes.

Let’s start with the black woman. For some reason, every time I see a young black woman in the mall, grocery store, or on my college campus, there’s several reactions that I get in they’re with their boyfriend. Some smile, which is a sign that she’s secure in herself and has nothing to worry about. Others get fidgety, fumbling around with things, acting like they’re to busy to notice anything if I do decide to run up on their man and try anything foolish. But the most common reaction, the one that gets under my skin, is when one of my own Sisters feels like she needs to give me the evil look and grab her man like he’s about to take flight. Girl, the fact that he’s sitting with you is all I need to know that he is taken, even if he isn’t your boyfriend just yet. There’s no need to feel like you need to hold this man down to keep him from looking or talking to me. If you’re secure in your own and you know that you’re doing anything and everything to keep his loving where it needs to be, let that man go. He can be as free as a bird and still won’t fly away from you.

I’ll admit, women go to some extreme measures to keep their men, especially when they feel like the man is going to go out and cheat or buy that expensive TV set instead of paying the bills. Black women, like all women around the world, tend to nag their men to clean up, watch the kids, change the channel, get a job, start working out, and whatever other little thing she can possibly find that’s wrong with him, while also working on his last damn nerve. Again, I will admit that all women are good for this, black, white, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. I’m guilty of this also, more often than I thought apparently. But this doesn’t let black men off the hook. You have your own short comings that need to be dealt with.

First off, I’m tired of every single black man I walk past trying to label me something different. I am not your shawty, ma, sweetheart, baby, etc. Even if you’re fine as sin, I’m not going to delay my trip, turn around, and come crawling back to you and leave my phone number in the plam of your hand (or your Blackberry). You have legs, if you want it come get it. And I strongly suggest that you think before you speak if you suggest to get anywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the passive type. If I see something I want, I’m going to have it. Case closed. But if you want me to entertain you and the prospect of a date with you, you better not come at me like you did the lady before me, or the one walking down the street after me. That’s not going to work.

Additionally, Black men want their women to respect them as men, but not all men are deserving of this. You want Black women to bow down and claim the role of house wives, just as various other types of women do, but a large percentage of Black men are not claiming their roles as providers, protectors, and consolers. I’m not saying that a man has to bring in all the money or more money than I do. I will gladly step aside for a strong black man that asserts his dominance, despite the amount of money he makes. But do not expect me, or any other Black woman, to take you seriously if you’re not doing what you need to do, emotionally or financially.

Stand up and raise your children. That would be a start. And I don’t mean raise like child support raise, I mean like take your children to dinner, Chuck E. Cheese. Take your daughters out shopping or to a baseball game. Take your sons to buy their first suit or to a local book store or poetry slam (if that’s that you’re into of course). Money does not raise children (although it does help, so send those child support checks where/when they are due). You want Black women to respect you as heads of the households? Raise your children in those households, whether you live there or not. That would definitely take one of the main arguments Black women make off of the table.

Also Black men, stick with the one you’re with. Now this is not just a Black problem, as we have witnessed with the recent run-ins involving Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and Larry King. Men in general have just been getting a bad reputation this year. But this doesn’t excuse the behavior of Black men all around America. There is no reason why six women have the same baby father. That’s just wrong, and nasty if you think about it thoroughly. There is a shortage of Black men in relation to Black women, but that doesn’t mean that every Black man should go out and get their fair share of women. It creates all types of problems, especially in a society that stresses monogamy (and a large percentage African-Americans look down on polygamy, but we allow our Black men and women to cheat all the time). Get it together. Love the one you’re with completely, and you’ll see how different your relationships become. If you have a good woman, not someone who just nags and refuses to work with you, then you will be just fine, and you will receive her whole and complete being (as long as you return the favor).

So what’s my solution? Compromise. Black women cannot ask their men to be heads of the household and continue to fight back against everything that he attempts to implement or get done. Sometimes you just need to shut-up and do what the man says. It’s that simple. Black men cannot expect their women to respect them as their leaders, their providers, or their Lovers, if the women are constantly forced to do the jobs of these same men. Step up, be a real man. Put your foot down as much as you want, but make sure you drop your wallet too, and take care of your children while you’re at it. A woman has no choice but to respect a man that handles his business. She doesn’t have to like him. But she must respect his authority.

So try it out in your own relationships, both the new and the old. Compromise and communication. You’ll be surprised how different your relationship becomes. Who knows, we might actually create a society of happy, healthy, Black relationships.

Men up…My brother our babie’s need us to be father’s….She can’t do it alone

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It’s something like an epidemic. Every day I see young mothers walking with their baby strollers, holding another child’s hand, alone. Where is the baby’s father? I bet you the mother is wondering the same exact thing.

But this article isn’t about young Black men abandoning the mothers of their children. I could definitely rant about the lack of fathers in the Black communities raising children from relationships gone wrong. It seems the epidemic becomes worse when the man goes on to have more children with another women. It’s like the children from the first relationship are a burden, or don’t exist at all.*

My bone to pick is with the Black creatures that try to weasel their way out of taking care of children that they brought into the world. Skip their child support payments. Go MIA when it’s time to take their children for the weekend (which I may add is just 2 days while the mother cares for this child for the rest of the week). But yet, they’ll be the first one taking the credit at award ceremonies, sports games, and graduations.

It is not in my nature to tear down any Black man. The world does that enough as it is. But I am going to call you out. It’s a shame that you’re okay with your children feeling unwanted and unloved. It’s a disgrace that you’re okay with making your God given creation feel like their a burden to you, especially if you have a new family apart from them. Think about having to deal with that as a child and living with that as you grow into an adult. How many Black children all around the world can say that they felt like their fathers didn’t want them? To many. Way too many.

So I’m not offering a solution to this problem right now, because the solution is so damn obvious! It seems as though these men have all the manhood in the world when they’re making these babies, but suddenly lose their balls when it’s time to man up and raise their children, and not just financially. These men are making it seem like it’s okay to make babies and let the mothers deal with all the work that goes into it.

Get it together Black men.**

*I must take the time out to give credit to those men who stand by the mother of their children, despite a break-up, support their children financially, and are a regular part of their children’s lives. I LOVE strong Black men, especially when they play a part in creating another generation of positive Black male leaders.

**Black women are not off the hook with this one. There are mothers that abandon their children and dump the burden of raising children on their single fathers. You are just as guilty and give your children a skewed view of what it means to be a parent. Get your stuff together too. You’re just as guilty